Vision and Mission

Grant School Mission Statement
It is the mission of Grant Elementary School to provide all students with quality instruction for life and learning.

Grant School Vision Statement
It is the vision of Grant Elementary School to provide a rich learning environment and work with the community to meet the challenges of a changing world. 

Student Performance 
* Students are motivated and learn best when they are actively engaged and link new information with existing knowledge in meaningful ways.

* Positive interactions with adults and other students contribute to student learning. 

School Effectiveness 
* Students learn best when the staff maintains high expectations for learning by focusing on shared visions, goals and action plans to improve student performance.

* Quality instruction incorporates innovative practices and a variety of learning activities with repetition and review.

School and Community Contexts
* All students in our school have an equal opportunity to learn in a safe and non-disruptive environment in which students and staff exhibit mutual respect.

* Teachers, administrators, parents and the community share the responsibility for helping students take ownership of their learning and behavior.