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Bulldog Behaviors

At Grant School we have established clear rules for the behaviors we expect.
We call these our Bulldog Behaviors.
All of the rules fall under our big three ideas:

Responsibility, Respect & Safety

Students are taught how to be Responsible, Respectful and Safin seven common areas at school. Students learn the voice levels required for each area. Students are also taught “Body Basics,” for paying attention during instruction and “Line Basics,” for waiting and walking in lines. Each year we have a fall Kick-Off of our Bulldog Behavior expectations. At the Kick-Off all students and staff hear the rules, watch videos demonstrating the behaviors we expect at school, as well as engage in hands on activities to reinforce these behaviors.

  Hallway  Bathroom Lunchroom Recess
*Line order
*Hold on to objects
*Be polite
*Stay in line 
*Follow rules
*Line up at bell
*Include all
Respect  *Voice level 0
*Quiet body
*Voice level 0
*Keep to yourself

*Voice level 2
*Use manners
*Raise hand and ask to leave
 *Voice level as instructed
*Listen to supervisors
Safety *Face forward
*Hands/feet to self
*Leave bathroom clean
*Report problems
*Stay seated

*Wait for adult
*Immediately report injuries
*Follow equipment rules


   iPads Assemblies  Arrival Dismissal
Responsibility     *Stay on task
*Be a problem solver                 
*Keep device charged
*Use ONLY for academic reasons.  
*Sit with buddy
*Listen and  look at presenter

*Arrive between 7:45 - 8:05
*Place backpack in assigned spot            
*Line up at bell
*Line up at bell

*Listen when  others talk

*Follow lesson instructions
*Be aware of others working
 *Hands to self and own device

 *Voice level as instructed
*Allow presenter to be heard.         
*Voice level as instructed   
*Listen to supervisors
*Voice level as instructed 
*Listen to supervisors 
*Follow internet and technology policies  
*Walk with two hands holding device 
*Sit criss-cross
*Hands in lap ​
*Listen to  patrollers
*Stay out of  parking lot  
*Listen to patrollers
*Stay out of parking lot


Bulldog Behaviors